A downloadable game for Windows

Demo version of the project. Currently, there is no history.



WASD - movement

 E - interact

 More information on click ESC in the game.

Install instructions

1. Unpack the archive

2. Run “NameGame” .exe


pH04.zip 135 MB
pH05.zip 165 MB

Development log


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How Long Is This Game?

Want to know about the final product?

Yeah Of Course 

I think no more than half an hour

Thank You

Hello, I found your game and it seems incredible, I would like to know when the full version will come out and also if there will be a translation into Spanish in the game, since I speak Spanish and I am using a Google xd translator.

Thanks for the feedback. I am from Russia and also use a translator. I can not give an exact date, since not everything was planned. But in the next couple of weeks I am thinking about updating. At the expense of translation into other languages I can not say with certainty.

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aaah esta bien, gracias por responder.